God’s Love the ultimate Religion, an autobiography.

The message of the Principals of Creation that we are to be in the image of God was always real for me and became infused with my personal life and this prompts me to write my autobiography which follows. As a young girl of 17/18 years of age after finishing my Leaving Cert.and Commercial Course in Loreto College North Great Georges St. Dublin, Ireland. I started work in a Government Job. The example of my Parents and Grandparents marriages created in me a solid image of marriage. My dream and wish and prayer for my own life was to marry a good person. As God would have it I met my other half, Tom Molloy and immediately recognized in him the qualities and values to fulfill my/our dream. I knew I had found my Destiny. When I reached 21 years of age we got engaged to be married the following year. We bought our house in Dundrum and a site beside it. We were so happy after the four year struggle to save and finally buy our family home. While making plans for our Wedding we met the Unification Church which emphasizes the importance of Marriage but asked us to postpone our Marriage which we did and donated our Family home to be a deposit for a Church Headquarters in Ireland and Kilmurry House, Fermoy, Co Cork was purchased. This was later sold to buy a Headquarters in Dublin. The Unification Church to our surprise became a threat to us having initially promised to be a support to True Love in Marriage. We, believing your 1st Love is your eternal Love. We only realised the seriousness of this threat when they offered girls to my fiancée husband to be. Having given our Family Home and all our savings and wordly possessions and committed ourselves totally this was a shock. Their intensions and behavour were not consistent with their stated teachings and ideals as presented to us. Now penniless we set to live these Ideals ourselves. we founded an activity to teach it to others TET.ie Stronger not weaker in our belief in True Love under God, being left homeless we got jobs and purchased a delicatessen shop in Sandymount and subsequently a starter home close to Dundrum similar to the one we had donated to the Unification Church previously. We were now back on track and asked officiators in the Catholic Church to do Blessings and they Blessed us in Marriage in 1975 and started our Family Life. The following year we gave birth to a girl and were so elated, finally we gave birth to 5 children and minded a members child for 1 year. Full of hope and Faith in God we integrated in our community doing many different kind of work. Recognizing our quality as a Family of God we got great support, a miracle happened, from a very kind seller we bought a house well above our price range in Richelieu Park, Ballsbridge and ideally located to do our public work. We did much public work from our new home. The arrival from Britain of a British/Korean couple began a living nightmare for me and my husband and father of my now school going children. The end result was we were homeless again. With difficulty we have almost recovered from this ordeal. We have retained our belief that Marriage is a Sacred Institution as is explained in “Concave-Convex Parental Couples” text.